UK egg business Noble Foods has launched a brand specifically targeted at the foodservice sector.

Noble Foods’ The Great British Egg Co. brand includes ready-to-heat products such as poached eggs, Egg Bites and Yorkshire puddings, as well as scrambled egg and stabilised egg-white mixes.

The company, based in Lincoln in the English Midlands, has been supplying the foodservice market for 50 years but this is the first time it has established a brand for the purpose.

Noble Foods – which owns retail brands such as The Happy Egg Co. and Gu Puds – said it is working with wholesalers including BidFood as part of the launch, with some products already in the market and others to follow in the next few weeks.

Steve Hall, business unit controller in the company’s innovation division, said: “As consumer habits have evolved, there’s been a thirst for new, healthier products that are convenient and easy for operators to use as part of their menus.

“We’ve seen a definite shift in the market, and as a result, we wanted to signpost the breadth of service and support we can offer. We are able to bring solutions to the market that offer convenience and value while meeting consumer demand for healthier menu items.”

He added: “Our vision for the brand is to create pioneering products for all out-of-home sectors that offer a commercial, operational and nutritional benefit. Our scrambled egg burgers, for instance, were born out of a discussion with a customer who needed a reduced salt burger solution for the education sector.

“The Great British Egg Co. brand allows us to move from selling eggs to solutions.”

Hall told just-food its scrambled egg mixture creates a product that is an improvement on that found in countless hotel breakfast buffets because it has an 80/20 egg-to-milk ratio and does not contain water.

“This is a British free-range egg product and a recognisable brand which gives you consistency. It is the same every time,” he said.

“A lot of our targets are food development chefs. We can work with them in partnership.”