Bríd Rodgers, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, yesterday welcomed the announcement that the United Kingdom is to pay optional agri-monetary compensation to beef, sheep and milk producers for the appreciation in sterling relative to the euro in 1999 and 2000. She said,

“I warmly welcome this decision, particularly in the light of the very serious problems currently being faced by the livestock sectors.

“Even before the foot and mouth disease outbreak, these sectors were experiencing continuing financial difficulties as a result of the high sterling/euro exchange rate, and I have consistently pressed the case for the payment of available agrimoney compensation.

“To help farmers’ cash flow, we will be endeavouring to make these payments as soon as we can, subject to EU regulations.”


1 The value of the agri-monetary compensation for the beef, sheep and milk sectors in Northern Ireland in 2001 is estimated at £21 million, comprising approximately £10m each for beef and milk and £1m for sheep.
2 These payments were triggered by the appreciation of sterling against the euro in 1999 and 2000. published a feature on foot and mouth. To read it, click here.