Northumbrian Fine Foods, the UK manufacturer, is taking its gluten-free biscuit brand Prewett’s into new segments.

The company is extending Prewett’s with the launch of milk-free biscuits, all-butter cookies and individually-wrapped, chocolate-coated biscuit bars, Chocoful.

Northumbrian Fine Foods said it is expecting to double Prewett’s distribution points and its retail sales value with the launch.

“These attractively packaged biscuits have been well received by the market,” said Northumbrian Fine Foods business director David Wood. “We are confident they will appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers and much of the new range features ‘indulgent’ type ingredients such as Belgian chocolate.

“We have already gained a significant number of listings with multiple retailers and have secured an extension to our contract with distributor RH Amar to supply the new products to the impulse and convenience markets.”

The company said that each product is targeting a different segment of the free-from sector, with the milk- and gluten-free products targeting the 40% of free-from category consumers whom require dairy free products, the all-butter biscuits appealing to those seeking an “indulgent snack” and the Chocoful bar meeting the need for free-from lunch box fillers.