Norwegian meat processor Nortura has announced it is moving production from three of its plants in Norway to other sites in the business, a move that will affect 54 staff.

Nortura said it is shifting production due to overcapacity at its facilities. At its site in Bergen, 54 jobs are at risk from a decision to move production to at a facility in Forus at the beginning of next year.

Meanwhile, a proposal to move production from a plant in Lillehammer to one in Rudshogda, outlined last month, has been approved. The company said 124 staff will be offered a position at Rudshogda in 2017 when the move takes place. 

Production at a site in Trondheim, which has 100 employees, will move to a facility in Malvik in the autumn of 2016.

Nortura chairman Sveinung Svebestad said the company has been able to avoid an employee restructuring process at the sites because the plants were only a few miles from each other.