TINE, Norway’s dominant dairy giant, has been forced to import cottage cheese from neighbouring Denmark after the runaway success of a fad diet.

Unable to cope with demand, which has rocketed 40% this year, TINE will now start importing cottage cheese from Tholstrup, first the organic variety and then the standard type, marketing director Anders Røed said.

TINE had stepped up production around the clock, with the exception of late Saturday night shifts, but was unable to keep up with steadily increasing sales.

TINE plans to import cottage cheese until the autumn, when they expect to have expanded production capacity to sufficient levels.

The dairy giant attributed the cottage cheese frenzy to Dr. Fedon Lindberg’s trendy high-protein, anti-carbohydrate regimen, which has swept potatoes, pasta and white breads off Norwegian plates and sent sales of pulses, whole grains, and nuts soaring.