More than 50% of Norwegians are aware of Lidl according to a survey by AC Nielsen, even though the German discount chain has yet to open a shop in the country.

Lidl scored higher in recognition than several existing grocery chains, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reports.
The media curiosity surrounding the eventual impact of German grocery giant Lidl’s entry into the Norwegian market has been worth between NOK50m-100m (US$6.8m-13.5m) in publicity for the concern, according to an estimate by Alexander Advertising Agency.
The Norwegian press has followed Lidl’s struggle to acquire suitable properties across the country, and the German firm has often met opposition from local authorities that fear the behemoth could bankrupt local businesses.
Earlier this week financial newspaper Dagens Naeringsliv reported that Lidl had already hired over 80 management staff in Norway and was preparing to move its current headquarters just south of capital Oslo.