Orkla has signalled the completion of its transformation from an energy-to-food conglomerate to a consumer goods focused business and unveiled a swathe of product development in the FMCG sphere.

In the past year, Orkla has sold off its non-core assets, moving from a conglomerate structure into a branded consumer goods company. As part of this reorientation, Orkla updated its corporate logo.

The firm is now focused on developing its position as “the leading branded consumer goods company” in the Nordic region, Orkla said. In order to achieve this, Orkla is driving NPD across its categories.

Grocery suppliers in the Nordic region traditionally have three major launch periods – the start of the year, Spring and Autumn.

“This wave [of NPD] is characterised by relaunches in established areas. In addition, Orkla has developed some totally new products,” Arve Heltne, SVP of commercial excellence, commented.

In Sweden, the group launched a new product to the Grandiosa brand – a pizza toll – along with Toro Sjokolade fondant baking mix and the traditional Swedish products Felix ostpaj (cheese pie) and Paulúns Supergrøt (porridge).

The company has also moved to develop a number of cross-boarder launches, including brining OLW’s heart-shaped cheese snacks to Norway, Cheez Heartz to Sweden and Swedish Ballerina Mums, which are now also sold in Finland.

Orkla has also focused on developing its offering of Asian foods, inlcuding the development of the SaritaS line in partnership with chef Sarita, who has run the Indian restaurant Mother India in Oslo, Norway. Another new product line is Truly Thai Cooking Sauce, which will be launched in Norway. Orkla is also launching Asian meals in Finland, and the Felix India range offers frozen varieties of the most popular Indian dishes.