Oslo-based dairy group Synnove Finden (formerly Synnove Finden Meierier) has posted an increase in pre-tax profit to NKr1.1m (US$124,000) for the third quarter of 2001, compared to a loss of NKr10.5m for the same period in 2000.

During the same Q3 period, operating profit at the group totalled NKr5.3m, compared to a loss of NKr2.7m year-on-year.

According to the Hegnar newspaper, Synnove’s operating revenue totalled NKr137.6m , up from NKr112.8m of the same period of 2000.

Synnove Finden produces and markets dairy goods, including butter and yellow and brown cheeses, under brand names that include Synnove Gulost, Synnove Brunost, Synnove Lettost and Synnove Okobit.

The company has a dairy plant in Alvdal and a factory in Enebakk.