New Zealand dairy group Fonterra has announced the launch of a low-sodium savoury flavour enhancer which it says will allow the level of sodium in foods to be reduced by at least a third, while boosting the savoury flavour nuances in a broad range of processed foods.

The powdered format allows the new ingredient to be used in a range of processed foods, Fonterra said.  Levels as low as 0.5% have been used to reduce salt and remove MSG from soups and snack foods, and boost the meat and cheese flavours of meals, gravies, sauces and dips.

The company says Fonterra Savoury Powder achieves the desired balance between great taste and low sodium.

“Our flavour enhancer is made from all-natural, mainly dairy, ingredients,” said Nigel Little, Fonterra’s New Options manager. “This is an important factor for manufacturers targeting increasingly health-conscious and knowledgeable consumers who scrutinise food labels and are loyal to healthy food brands.” 

Fonterra Savoury Powder is a concentrated ingredient made from wholemilk using a patented fermentation process. The ingredient does not have any of the labelling issues or health concerns associated with monosodium glutamate (MSG) or hydrolysed vegetable protein, allowing consumer foods containing Fonterra Savoury Powder to have a clean label, Fonterra said. 

The ingredient is patented in the European Union and New Zealand, while a patent is pending in the US and other countries.  Fonterra Savoury Powder will be launched at the Health Ingredients Europe show, which is taking place in Frankfurt from 14 November to 16 November.