US group Hormel Foods has launched a range of on-the-go snacks under one of its namesake brands.

The firm – owner of brands including Skippy peanut butter and Spam canned meat – has announced the launch of four “all-natural” deli meat snacks, paired with cheddar or pepper jack cheese and a dark-chocolate confection.

Andrew Quinn, brand manager at Hormel Foods, said: “The Hormel Natural Choice brand has been bringing consumers 100% natural deli meat options that are great tasting and nutritious for more than ten years.

“We are proud to say your 100% natural deli meat is now available in a convenient, portion-controlled option, and coupled with a sweet treat, attributes our wellness-seeking consumers have long been craving.”

The two-ounce packs will have a recommended sales price of US$1.50-$2.00 and include nine to ten grams of protein. The four flavours are oven-roasted turkey breast (with mild white cheddar cheese and dark chocolate-covered pretzels) honey ham (with mild white cheddar cheese and dark chocolate-covered pretzels), oven-roasted turkey breast (with pepper jack cheese and dark chocolate-covered blueberries) and oven-roasted chicken (with white cheddar cheese and dark chocolate-covered almonds).