Finland’s Paulig Group today (12 June) rolled out a range of 39 individual “mix and match” Latin American-inspired products under its Santa Maria brand in the UK.

Paulig said the Latin American Kitchen range aims to “tap into demand for convenient meal solutions”. 

The line-up includes ten cook-in sauces, five flavoured rice variants, seven dry seasoning mixes, six tortillas and wraps and 11 toppings and sides “to personalise any of the dishes.

The recipes feature “multiple culinary influences” and include Latin American dishes such as Cuban Chilli Sofrito Sauce and “the typical Costa Rican staple Corn Tortillas”, Paulig said.

Paul Brixey, head of UK marketing for Santa Maria, said: “Consumers are open to exciting and innovative Latin American dishes and the new range allows people to bring the continent’s wealth of vibrant and delicious dishes into their own home in a simple and convenient way.”

Brixey said the products can be used by consumers to “cook a straightforward meal or be more experimental”.

The new range will be available at stores across the UK. Paulig has set recommended sales prices of GBP1.79 (US$2.27) for the sauces, GBP1.85 for the rice and GBP0.95 for the seasoning mixes.