This year’s displays by Agrilink and Foodlink were officially opened today (20 October) by Filipino Agriculture Secretary Edgardo Angara, as he addressed companies and delegates interested in a vast range of food and agricultural products from around the world.

Showcasing items at the World Trade Centre, such as fertilisers and pesticides, organic farming, animal feeds and genetic technology, Agrilink 2000 “heralds a new phase in our efforts to meet the challenges of global competition. Businessmen all over the world are in unison in saying that to be able to keep up with the advancement of technology and market trends, we have to promote our agribusiness wares,” said Angara.

Its sister display Foodlink concentrates on food and beverages, packaging and processing technologies and retail equipment.

Angara added that despite the natural and man-made difficulties facing the country as a whole, the shows are positive in that they: “stand for the best of Philippine agriculture and its allied industries, which is taking bold steps, proactively responding to changing times and meeting the world’s growing demand for more quality products and services.”

In terms of agricultural performance, Angara said that he was “optimistic that we will meet or even exceed the planned targets of three to four percent growth.”