Plum Organics, the US baby food business owned by Campbell Soup Co., has broadened its business into the infant formula industry.

The company has launched Grow Well Organic Infant Formula, which uses organic lactose as its only carbohydrate rather than corn syrup solids. The formula is made with organic plant-based oils, organic nonfat milk and organic whey protein, and does not contain genetically engineered ingredients.

Plum Organics said the product is a “culmination” of over five years of research.

“In the first year of life, babies are developing at a rapid pace. Lactose is the most abundant carbohydrate found in breast milk, and is one of the key sources of fuel for baby’s growth. For mums who may not be able to produce adequate milk, or are choosing to combo feed, having a formula with quality ingredients is important and brings peace of mind,” Risa Schulman, a member of Plum’s wellness advisory panel.

Larissa Friesen, Plum’s infant formula lead, added: “As a working mum who intended to exclusively breastfeed, I remember how anxious I felt when I couldn’t produce enough milk and had to turn to formula. That’s why this launch is personal for me. At the time, there weren’t a lot of organic options out there that I felt comfortable feeding my son. Many parents think of formula as medicinal and clinical, but formula is food – cow’s milk is the primary ingredient. As the leading organic baby food company, we’re uniquely positioned to create a high-quality organic formula that parents, including us, can feel comfortable feeding their tiny ones.”

Plum’s Grow Well Organic Infant Formula is now available online at and will roll out at grocers nationally in the coming months. It has an RSP of US$32.99 per tub.

Campbell acquired Plum Organics in May 2013. The deal came four months after Plum Organics bought UK peer Plum Baby. In August 2014, Campbell announced it would exit the UK market.