Carrefour in Poland has revealed plans to aggressively expand its Carrefour Express network through franchising, with a goal to open 200 outlets next year.

The company announced today (26 October) that it plans to expand in both small and large cities in Poland through franchising agreements.

Carrefour opened 30 franchised outlets in the country this year, and plans to open a further 20 before the end of the year.

“The dynamic expansion of Carrefour Express’ franchise network is developing Carrefour’s strategic direction in Poland,” said François Vincent, director of franchise development for Carrefour’s Polish business. 

The world’s second-largest retailer will offer two models – “hard” and “soft” franchise. In the hard franchise model, Carrefour will receive support arranging and preparing the shop as well as financing 100% of the costs associated with IT and marketing the opening, alongside help with sourcing and access to private label products. Under the soft franchise model, franchisees will “retail considerable autonomy”, with freedom to choose suppliers and arrange purchasing agreements, with Carrefour assuming the costs associated with guaranteed payment.

Carrefour began franchising in the country through its 5 Minut convenience stores during 2007, rebranding the outlets as Carrefour Express during the first half of this year.