Polish private-label products cost an average 49% less than branded ones in the first quarter of 2006 according to research group PMR.

The largest price difference, of 23%, was found in teas – with toothpastes and shampoos showing around 30% price variation between private-label and branded products.

“Nevertheless, the number of private label products is booming rapidly, especially in shops that belong to foreign operators,” a PMR report, called Private labels in Poland 2006, noted.

Tesco hypermarkets and supermarkets and the Leader Price discount chain had the largest offerings of private label products, according to the report.

PMR retail analyst Malgorzata Machnicka said: “Tesco is a chain with one of the most dynamically growing collection of own brands in Poland, their number has increased by approximately 420% in the past five years.”

The least significant price gaps, of approximately 30%, were noted in milk and nappies (diapers).