Nestle has decided to transfer production of Thomy mayonnaise from Poland to Serbia.

The food giant said the move was part of its “long-term development strategy” for production in the Adriatic.

Production has moved from Nestle’s factory in the central Polish city of Kalisz to the Serbian town of Surcin, a western suburb of the capital Belgrade. The company said it wanted to “optimise costs” by switching production to Surcin.

Nestle insisted Thomy was “only a fraction of total mayonnaise production” at Kalisz and no jobs will be affected. The group said it sells mayonnaise in Poland through its local “leading culinary brand” Winiary.

“The move to Serbia released additional capacity for Kalisz factory in order to enlarge our production for local market and supply other markets like UK,” a spokesperson for Nestle’s Polish arm said.

The Kalisz site manufactures products including mayonnaise, soups and sauces under the Thomy brand. It also makes infant cereals under the Nestle brand. Nestle has nine factories in Poland.

The Surcin plant in Serbia, one of Nestle’s two in the country, produces a range of culinary, confectionery and beverage products. Nestle has spent EUR1.3m (US$1.7m) on the site ahead of the switch in production.