Swedish confectionery firm Cloetta Fazer has said it is to close its loss-making Polish subsidiary during 2005.

The company said consultations with labour unions at the plant in Gdansk will commence immediately after Easter and are expected to close before the end of April 2005. Cloetta Fazer Polska employs 320 people.

Cloetta Fazer will continue to sell its brands on the Polish market through collaboration with a local distributor.

The Polish subsidiary has recorded losses for the past few years, mainly due to a weak market position and a tough price competition.

“Cloetta Fazer’s strategy is to focus on the group’s strongest brands. We will continue to market and sell our prioritised brands on the Polish market through a local distributor. In the future, the Polish market will be supplied by the group’s units in Finland and Sweden. Together, these measures will provide a more cost-effective solution,” said CEO Karsten Slotte.