Swiss giant Nestlé is watching its back as Lubella, Poland’s second largest pasta maker, announced its goal of seizing at last 8% of the local breakfast cereal market.

Lubella has set aside PlZ30m (US$7.1m) to install a new production line, CEO Tomasz Towpik revealed. A significant sum of money has also been earmarked for marketing and communication activities. “An expenditure plan will be ready in December, but we know already that most spending will go on marketing and advertising,” confirmed Towpik.

The investment project has been in the pipeline for several years, but was only recently approved by the NFI Victoria national investment fund, Lubella’s principal shareholder.

Lubella expects turnover to reach PlZ300m this year, fuelled by the new product line. This represents a significant improvement on the PlZ182.3m generated last year. Net profit rose from PlZ8.0m in 1999 to PlZ8.9m last year.