Premier Foods plc has detailed plans to expand Ambrosia with the launch of two lines that extend the brand into the frozen aisle and the “premium” ambient fixture.

In what the company claims is a UK first, Premier is launching a line of Ambrosia frozen custard, alongside a new ambient range, Ambrosia Deluxe. 

Grace Liljemark, brand director for Ambrosia, said the brand is one that “consumers know, love and trust”, with a 31.5% share of the ambient desserts category. “We have a great opportunity to build on Ambrosia’s heritage and popularity to bring additional value to the desserts category, and offer mid-week dessert treats.”

The launch of Ambrosia frozen custard marks the brand’s first move into the ice cream category. The range will consist of four flavours: vanilla, vanilla with strawberry marble, vanilla with chocolate swirl and chunky fudge. 

“Frozen custard has been popular in the US for almost a century but has only recently found its way onto our shores. The ice-cream sector has the second biggest share of the total GBP856m desserts category, and premium ice cream represents a third of this value. Given the overwhelmingly positive consumer response we’ve had for the product, teamed with the consumer love for Ambrosia, we are very optimistic about this new extension,” Liljemark said. 

Ambrosia Frozen Custard will be available via UK grocers in 850ml tubs, with an MSSP of GBP3.75. 

Also launching this month, Ambrosia is rolling out a new “indulgent” ambient line, Ambrosia Deluxe. It will be available in “exciting” flavours, including vanilla with clotted cream, vanilla with creamy toffee and vanilla with salted caramel. 

“Our research shows that this indulgent, creamy range will not only encourage current shoppers to trade up, but also attract a new set of younger adults to the category,” Liljemark continued. 

Ambrosia Deluxe Custard will have the same shelf life as the classic custard range and will be available across grocery, impulse and wholesale channels in 150g individual pots, 500g cartons and 400g can formats.  The range will have an MSSP of GBP0.75, GBP1.29, and GBP1.39 respectively.