Romania’s Danish-owned Premium Porc Group has announced plans to invest EUR35m (US$38.5m) in expanding two pig farms in the country and to increase slaughter capacity.

Premium Porc, which is owned by Denmark’s Dch International, said the group is building a sow farm in Braila county “along with the renovation and construction of a growth and fattening farm in Sibiu county”.

Premium Porc country manager Kim Østergaard said in a post on the company’s web site that the works programme “is expected to take place over a period of two years”.

The company owns six farms pigs in Romania and two combined feed factories, which it said produce around 400 tons of feed for pigs daily. The existing farms have a the capacity to process a combined total of around 380,000 pigs annually, according to the company.

Premium Porc has said the aim of its expansion programme is to double its capacity for feed production and pig processing by 2020.