Raisio‘s UK arm Halo Foods has re-branded its Good Grain Puffed Wheat to emphasise its “healthy” benefits.

The firm said the re-brand was “timely” amid the debate over sugar consumption in the UK, with consumers “becoming increasingly wary of what is in their breakfast cereal”.

Halo Foods claims the cereal is “one of the healthiest” in the UK with 57 calories per serving and 0.1g of saturated fat and 0.3g of sugar.

The relaunch will see a the introduction of a new pack design featuring traffic light colour on the front of the pack to highlight its health credentials.

“Now is the time to capitalise on the huge potential of the Good Grain Company brand to introduce healthy cereal options and increase penetration. Our product is completely natural and boasts no unnecessary ingredients and we are expecting distribution amongst current customers to increase and listings with new customers.  The ongoing sugar debate is continuing to affect the ready-to-eat cereal category but Good Grain Company is at a real advantage, as it is completely natural with no sugar and one of the healthiest cereals in the sector,” Dharshini Rajaratnam, brand marketing manager for cereals at Halo Foods, said.

The company plans to extend the Good Grain range through 2016 with variations of the Puffed Wheat product and “new, healthy, wholesome, natural grain products.”

Last July, Raisio launched a low-sugar, multi-grain version of its Honey Monster Puffs cereal in the UK. The firm claimed it contained “even less” sugar than the reformulated traditional Honey Monster Puffs product, and was the first to receive an amber traffic light for sugar under the UK’s front-of-pack nutrition label scheme.