It will be a New Year and a new look for Galtee Meats, one of Ireland’s leading exporters.  This is following a complete repackaging change for the entire Galtee range.

The redesign is part of the ongoing strategy to build the Galtee brand within the home and export markets.  The new look products have been designed to meet consumer needs and expectations in today’s market, and will be on the shelf in the UK from December.

The new design draws on the traditional Irish heritage promoted by Galtee.  This has been communicated on pack through an illustration of Irish pastures and a new tag line “An Irish Tradition”.  Each product can be identified easily through a colour-coded scheme carried throughout the whole range – although the main background is green, naturally!  The packaging format has also been revised in line with consumer ideals and premium designed packaging replaces the existing format.  This will include resealable Cap trays for the Galtee Tendercure Back Bacon and Galtee Tendercure Streaky Bacon lines and flow wrapped Galtee Big 10 Sizzlers and Galtee Traditional Goldchip sausages.  The packaging for the Galtee Black and White Puddings will be consistent with the new designs for the bacon and sausage variants.

The positive brand perceptions created by the new Galtee designs and pack formats will support Galtee’s position a leading Irish food brand within the UK and reinforce brand values to the consumer.

Barry Sturgeon, Managing Director Galtee Meats UK, says “The new packaging is the initial stage of an ongoing marketing push by Galtee to reposition and reinforce the brand in the UK market.  With so many meat products being touted as Irish or Irish recipe, we have devised a packaging scheme that emphasises the genuine ‘Irishness’ of the product to the consumer as well as upgrading the packaging to the latest technical specifications”.