Riso Gallo, the Italian rice group, is launching a range of grains harvested with “minimal production”, Gallo Nature. 

The range consists of six varieties: spelt, barley, brown rice, red rice and quinoa, rice, spelt and barley, brown rice and carnaroli rustico. Each variety will be available in 400g packs with an RRP from GBP1.75 (US$2.26) to GBP2.29, the company revealed. 

Riso Gallo is also expanding its Pronto range with the addition of four new varieties: rice, spelt and barley with procini mushrooms; venere rice and the scent of the sea; risotto with tomato, carrot and hazelnut; and risotto with courgette, spinach and red quinoa. The range is available with an RRP of GBP1.99. 

“Riso Gallo is much more than a risotto brand. We are Italian and well-being is key for us,” said Jason Morrison, the managing director of Riso Gallo UK. “The Gallo Nature range was launched in Italy last year, and was extremely positively received by the consumers. We know there is a market in the UK for these grains, because consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about what foods are good for their health, and thus, demand for healthy grains has increased significantly.”