According to a report in Prime-TASS, Russia has partially lifted the ban on German and French poultry, allowing imports of meat and other poultry products except from Saxony and Ain where cases of bird flu have been found in domestic poultry.

The bans were imposed in late February and early March when the highly pathogenic avian influenza was reported in each country.

Russia’s Agriculture Minister said today (20 April) that Russia was able to partially lift the bans because of the steps that have been taken by the European Union to eradicate the disease. According to a deal between the EU and Russia signed earlier this month, imports should only be banned from regions affected by the disease or where risk is high.

Russia has also banned poultry and poultry related imports from Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Turkey, Romania and some other Balkan states because of avian influenza.

Within Russia, four regions are currently battling the disease, which has been eliminated from a further six other regions.