Cargill hopes to increase awareness of its texturising and sweetness solutions in the Russian and Eastern European markets through promotional activity at the Ingredients Russia 2006 expo.

“From design, through development to manufacturing, Cargill is investing in Russia and Eastern Europe to bring the very best and most innovative solutions to its customers,” the company said in a statement detailing its activity in the region.

Cargill Texturizing Solutions offer a range of texturising ingredients and functional systems including starches, maltodextrins, cultures and enzymes, lecithins, BioActives, soy proteins and hydrocolloids

Featuring prominently at Ingredients Russia on the Cargill stand will be C*DeliTex, a UHT texturiser for improved processing conditions and cost-effectiveness, especially in catering applications. Cargill will also be showcasing biscuits made using cold water swelling (CWS) starches, which can reduce costs in bakery products through lower doses. 

Meanwhile Cargill also plans to showcase its Sweetness division, which specialises in providing differentiated sweeteners with an appropriate nutritional and sensorial profile. The centrepiece for the stand will be Xtend Isomaltulose, a new sweetener that delivers the full energy of regular sugar (4 kcal/g) but is digested more slowly for sustained energy release and has a lower glycaemic response, Cargill said.