Russian meat firm Cherkizovo has launched an advertising campaign for its Petelinka poultry brand in Russia.

This large-scale campaign will highlight the “competitive advantages” of Petelinka, the company said today (8 May), as the “best chilled poultry product on the market”.

The campaign follows the journey from farm to fork of the chickens produced by the Petelinskaya poultry farm, showing them enjoying “natural, healthy feed, clear water and plenty of fresh air”.

It will also include a series of 30 and 15 second commercials that will be aired on the main television channels, featuring Russian celebrities; Ksenya Sobchak, Tina Kandelaki and Sergey Zverev.

The slogan “Petelinka. Happy chicken!” is designed to appeal to its target audience of modern women in the Moscow region, who lead an active lifestyle and shop regularly.

“Petelinka-branded chicken is one of Cherkizovo Group’s main strategic products,” said Sergei Mikhailov, CEO of Cherkizovo Group. “Petelinka has long been the leader in the Moscow market and our objective is to strengthen this position. Demand for chilled poultry meat continues to grow and we believe that this is an important time to promote Petelinka, emphasise the distinct brand values and to strengthen the image of this high-quality, premier product.”