Russian meat manufacturer Cherkizovo is looking to build a lamb processing facility in the Siberian region of Altai.

Cherkizovo produces poultry, pork, and beef products but chairman Igor Babaev said the company is “ready to consider” the establishment of a production plant for lamb in the Republic of Altai. During a meeting with the Head of the Altai Republic, Alexander Berdnikov, Babaev said Altai was a “very promising” region.

“The climate of the republic is perfect for breeding … due to the high mountains. The taste and flavour of our meat will stand out from the sheep, not only from other Russian regions, but also from around the world,” Babaev said.

He added Cherkizovo’s goal is to make Altai lamb the most competitive globally, as well as “the most delicious and high quality in the world”.

Cherkizovo did not give timings for the new facility or financial details, but Babaev said: “In the near future a group of experts from Cherkizovo will travel to the Republic of Altai to assess the prospects of the project.”

Berdnikov said the government of the region is interested in attracting “large investors” in sectors such as agriculture – one of the priorities of the regional administration. “This is particularly true of meat processing,” he said.

“The proposal for a meat-processing complex in the Altai Republic is supported by us in full, as it will create new jobs and increase tax revenues.”

Cherkizovo saw its first-quarter operating profit halve in May as margins were hit by “historically high” grain costs and declining pork prices. Margins were hit by high grain prices, which peaked in February, the company said.