Russian retailer Dixy has announced the launch of a private-label line to encourage loyalty among consumers in the emerging market.

The product range, labelled ‘D’, offers “higher-quality” products but at prices, on average, 20% lower than those of comparable branded goods, the retailer said.

The first products to be sold under the new brand name are sunflower and pumpkin seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. Dixy said it is targeting around 40 products for the new line.

The range forms part of Dixy’s strategic positioning of ‘Simple. Nearby. Neighbourly’, it said. The “modern” packaging, comprises the letter ‘D’ inside an orange circle – a recognisable part of the company’s logo.

“Developing a new brand concept and package design, together with selecting the right producers and suppliers, took an entire year,” said Dixy marketing director Danny Perekalsky. “This shows how seriously we approached this project. We believe that our work here will provide an additional boost to customer loyalty.”