The Russian market for exotic fruits will double this year, according to Dmitry Akinshin, commercial director of UralAgroImport.

Over the course of last year, Russia imported over 10,000 tonnes of exotic fruit, double that of the year previous, and the market shows no signs of slowing down its growth for this year coming.

UralAgroImport has worked within the Russian fruit market for ten years, and Akinshin attributed the recent growth of exotic fruit consumption to the material well being amongst the Russian public.

“Pineapples [which account for more than 70% of all exotic fruit imports] are now being purchased not only for holidays and celebrations, but for regular days as well,” explained Akinshin. “Many even don’t regard the fruit as exotic.”

Scope for growth during the oncoming year is largely to be realised through the increasing numbers of processed goods manufactured with exotic fruits, for example juice or yoghurts.