Russia’s agricultural watchdog Rosselkhoznadzor has announced a ban on imports from Ukraine of canned vegetables, fruit and fish.

Dismissing claims that the decision – which comes into force today (29 July) – was politically motivated, Rosselkhoznadzor said canned foods exported from Ukraine had been discovered incorrectly labelled for the weight and content of ingredients including fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin C and salt.

Another ban on food from Ukraine, this time on dairy exports, came into force yesterday. Rosselkhoznadzor claimed there had been “repeated detections in milk and dairy products coming from Ukraine to Russia [of] residues of banned and harmful substances, including trace amounts of antibiotics…, salts of heavy metals, microorganisms, including pathogens”.

The agency claimed in the first six months of this year it had detained 196 consignments of “sub-standard” Ukrainian dairy products.