The collapsed roof of a hypermarket belonging to Russian retailer O’Key in St Petersburg has taken the life of one employee.

Ten people were injured in the incident, the firm confirmed yesterday (25 January).

The cause of the incident is being investigated, O’Key said. Preliminary reports point to the weight of snow on the roof of the hypermarket.

As a result, O’key today closed 13 hypermarkets and 12 supermarkets in St Petersburg.

“For additional safety inspections in connection with the heavy snowfall over the past few days”, explained the company. It is expected that most or all of thestores will be re-opened within 72 hours.

The company has announced that it will provide financial compensation to those who suffered, amounting to a total of around RUR5m (US$168m), in addition to reimbursing medical expenses.

O’Key operates 57 stores: 35 hypermarkets and 22 supermarkets. St Petersburg is a key region for the retailer, where 30 of its 57 stores are located.