Russia has imposed a ban on all confectionery imports from Ukraine after it claimed two manufacturers had violated its labelling regulations.

Moscow has prohibited imports from Ukraine’s largest confectioner, Roshen, from entering Russia for over a year.

However, it has moved further, banning all candy from the country after analysing products made by two other firms – Konti and ABK.

Rospotrebnadzor, Russia’s federal consumer protection service, said there was “inconsistent” labelling on the confectionery, which breached consumer regulations.

The analysis of the products was carried out at laboratories accredited under international regulations, the agency insisted.

The ban comes against a backdrop of tensions between the two countries over eastern Ukraine.

It is also the latest set of restrictions of food imports from Ukraine. In July, Russia issued bans on dairy products, as well as canned fruit, veg and fish, from Ukraine.

In April, Roshen had its Russian bank accounts frozen following a trademark spat with Russian confectioner United Confectioners. The move occurred during Ukraine’s presidential election campaign, which was won by Petro Poroshenko, who formed Roshen in the 1990s when he combined a number of Ukraine confectioners.