Arla has said that following discussions yesterday (3 April) with its 50 largest customers in Saudi Arabia it hopes to see products returned to the shelves.

Arla sales in the Middle East have been decimated by the Islamic boycott of Danish goods, which started in January following the publication of cartoons depicting Mohammed in Danish newspapers. But according to an article in Jyllands-Posten an end to the boycott may be in sight in Saudi Arabia where, Arla says, it hopes to see products returning to shelves within a matter of weeks.

No retailer wants to make the first move alone, and “therefore the next step is that the large Saudi Arabian retail chains agree on a date when all at the same time will put our goods back on the shelves,” Arla’s director for the region Jan E. Pedersen told the paper.

Arla hopes retail chains in other countries will follow suit.