In response to a series of cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed that appeared in the Danish newspaper Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten, the Saudi media has reported calls for consumers to boycott Danish products.

In protest against the cartoon, religious leaders have urged consumers not to buy Danish products. One supermarket has reportedly removed Danish goods from its shelves, replacing them with a sign reading: “Danish products were here”, while others have put yellow tape around Danish produce and signs informing customers that goods are from Danish sources.

Danish company Arla has reported an incident where stones were thrown at a vehicle carrying Arla products while, the company says, Arla employees have been thrown out of stores along with their products.

“We can confirm that our sales have been affected,” said Finn Hansen, executive director, Arla Foods. “Some of our customers have informed us that they will cancel orders with us and some stores have removed our products from their shelves.

“For many years, Arla has traded, and enjoyed good relations with consumers in the Middle East. In fact, we have more Muslim than Danish consumers. We respect all religions and wish to express our sympathy and understanding for those who feel wronged by this incident. Obviously, Arla Foods does not support anything that offends people’s religion or ethnic background,” Hansen added.