Simplot, the US-based agri-food group, is looking to launch Australian snacks brand Chiko into other markets.

The company this week used the Anuga industry exhibition, held in the German city of Cologne, to showcase two products – the Chiko Roll and the Chiko Corn Jack.

Chiko, a brand launched in Australia in the 1950s, is sold domestically in retail and foodservice, although the latter is its core channel, with a presence in takeaway outlets and sports stadiums.

Simplot has yet to secure overseas listings for Chiko. However, Adam Hanlon, general manager for seafood, snacks and meals within Simplot’s Australian business, said the company had “really strong leads” from conversations held at Anuga.

“We’ve had lots and lots of enquiries and, of those enquiries, we’ve got some really strong leads in more western markets – such as Canada, Italy, the UK, France, Germany – as well as emerging markets [like] South Africa and the Middle East, India and Bangladesh,” he told just-food.

Asked to predict in which overseas markets Chiko could be launched in 2018, Hanlon added: “There are markets we’d like to see because we think it has natural potential. I think the UK market for sure.”

In Australia, Simplot sells a range of Chiko-branded frozen foods through Woolworths and Coles, the country’s two largest grocery retailers. Hanlon suggested Simplot was also looking to roll out that line into international markets.

“We’re here to discover new markets because that’s where we see a natural prioritisation and where the opportunity but we have had inquiries from retailers while we’ve been here,” he said.