According to projections from Euromonitor (2000), the vitamins and dietary supplements market in Asia (excluding Japan) is estimated to be worth around US$620m in 2002. Of this, Singapore’s market share is projected to be worth around US$51.2m, while Taiwan’s market share is projected to be worth US$46.8m. In  general, the vitamins and dietary supplements market is estimated to be growing at a rate of 6% per annum for the next three years.

For this reason, Singapore-based food and health supplements Cerebos Pacific has announced a “significant departure from its roots”, hoping to capitalise on the markets with the launch of its first non-essence of chicken based health supplement. 

Cerebos stressed that the BRAND’s Essence of Chicken will remain its flagship supplement range, but explained that the move away from the chicken product was an attempt to aggressively expand BRAND’S share of the health supplements market.

The BRAND’S Sesamin range, which is derived from the sesame seed husk, is available in four variants, including one (Sesamin with bilberry) that is formulated for children. It debuts in Singapore and will be introduced in Taiwan and Thailand later in the year.

Cerebos said that ten years of R&D, including laboratory studies and clinical trials conducted at recognised universities, have proven BRAND’S Sesamin to provide significant liver protection, suppress the development of hypertension, regulate blood pressure and possess strong antioxidant properties.

Cerebos’ President and CEO, Eiji Koike, said: “We need to keep abreast of our consumers’ lifestyles and particularly their health needs. As we are still in the investment phase, we do not expect immediate returns from Sesamin but expect to break even over three to five years.

“Changes to the typical Asian lifestyle have led to an increased awareness of the need for health supplements as part of the daily health regimen, and we aim to fulfil that need.”