The Cold Storage outlet at Great World City played host this week to the start of a new campaign launched to make shoppers aware of healthy eating. Nominated MP Claire Chiang believes that “the supermarket can be an ideal setting for educating the public.”

Supermarkets and nutritionists from the Ministry of Health have joined together in an attempt to showcase the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and enable people to make informed choices on the foods they eat. Consumer classes on reading nutrition labels, shelf labels indicating better foods and the Singapore National Heart Foundation’s Healthier Choice symbol have been introduced nationwide in food stores controlled by Cold Storage, NTUC and Shop N Save.

Nutritionists also gave tips to the public on how to choose low fat meat and healthy alternatives to their usual foods.

Chiang explained that the campaign was launched when Health Ministry research revealed that less than 5% of Singaporeans knew about the benefits of fresh fruit and vegetables in preventing heart disease, which is a major killer in the country.