People in Singapore will soon be able to buy chewing gum again, but only over the counter at pharmacies, the government has said.

US chewing gum maker Wm Wrigley Jr has been given approval to sell two of its sugar-free brands, Orbit and Orbit White, through pharmacists in Singapore, bringing to an end a decade-long ban on chewing gum in the country.

The government’s decision is a result of the free trade agreement signed two months ago between the US and Singapore. The agreement, which has not yet been ratified by US Congress, had been expected to force Singapore to at least partially lift its ban on the import, sale and manufacture of chewing gum.

“This commitment will be implemented only when the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement enters into force,” the government said in a statement, as quoted by Reuters.

Singapore banned chewing gum in 1992 after discarded wads of gum were blamed for disrupting subway operations and spoiling clean city pavements.