US meat processor Smithfield Foods has launched an antibiotic-free line of fresh pork products under its Pure Farms brand. 

The company said the range “meets the highest level of USDA standards” with “minimal processing” and no antibiotics, steroids, hormones or artificial ingredients. 

The line will be available in fresh pork cuts, ham cuts and packaged pork cuts such as breakfast sausage and bacon. It will be available throughout the US in both retail stores and food service channels from this month.

“The Pure Farm brand is ideal for families looking to enjoy the highest quality, antibiotic-free pork,” said Ken Sullivan, president and chief executive officer of Smithfield Foods. “We’re proud to provide our customers and consumers with a broader range of products to meet a variety of needs and preferences, including antibiotic-free.”

Pressure has been mounting for companies to reduce the level of antibiotics used in meat production due to concerns over the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In September last year, the World Health Organization backed the production and consumption of meat products derived from animals that have not been treated with antibiotics.