GoReefers has nominated South Africa as its first logistics venture, preparing for on-line activities by starting off-line. South Africa is the largest exporter of fruit in the world, mainly targeting markets in Europe, but also the USA and the Far East. A large number of exporters have joined GoReefers Southern Africa for full logistics support.

The South African Team will be headed by Delena Engelbrecht, a well-established logistics expert. Delena joined the Deciduous Fruit Board, South Africa, in 1984. Later she became Distributions Manager within Unifruco. She held the position as Logistics Manager at Dole when they established their operation in South Africa. She is currently also serving on the Board of the Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB), a statutory body looking after the quality and protocols of all perishables exported from South Africa. Delena’s vast experience in fruit, terminal handling, shipping, trucking, air freight and quality control adds to GoReefers International’s overall logistics knowledge.

GoReefers Southern Africa will be launching its local website within next few weeks to provide exporters with shipping schedules, bookings and inventories. Cargo insurance, cargo handling and carrying advice, freight negotiations and documentation will also be handled. The South African site will be linked to the GoReefers main site and to the on-line Supply Chain Management, to be launched during next year.

“With Delena joining GoReefers and the support provided by exporters in the trade, we are entering into e-business organically and in a very solid way,” says Lars Gunnar Larsson. “Together we will create an eMarketplace based on experience, know-how and customer satisfaction.”

GoReefers has set itself the objective of creating an independent eMarketplace for reefer logistics. GoReefers will enable subscribers to conduct all logistics transactions in one place, as well as obtain information about the market and the reefer industry as a whole. Services include booking, tracking and tracing cargo, finding insurance, benchmark services and much more. The GoReefers Service Desk provides personal support and offers off-line transactions to support the industry, while embarking on a web-supported eMarketplace designed to suit each subscriber’s pace and requirements.