Functional ingredients manufacturer Beneo has launched a trio of new products at this year’s Hi Europe Exhibition in Madrid.

The launches include a natural solution for sugar replacement, BeneoPro VWG vital wheat gluten and Orafti L58 Organic organic fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS).

Beneo said today (15 November) that its natural sugar replacement provides a “new synergistic effect” by offering combinations of naturally derived bulk sweeteners” such as Isomalt, Palatinose, inulin, oligofructose and stevia.

“The new solutions can be individually composed and offer benefits to final products,” the firm said, “whether they are technical, sensorial or nutritional. Agglomerates’ characteristics such as good dispersibility, quick dissolution, low hygroscopicity and uniformity, as well as improved structure for food processing, allow Beneo to meet the growing demand for easy to use ingredients.”

BeneoPro VWG, a new source of wheat gluten is designed to improve dough strength, viscoelasticity and water absorption in bread and pastry, the firm added, as well as increased crispiness and improved flake strength in cereals.

Produced from organic sugar, Orafti L58 Organic can be used as a prebiotic fibre to promote good digestive health, and can also be used to replace sugar in various dairy, bakery and cereal applications.