Healthy, organic and ethical offerings are growing in importance for food outlets. Shoe brand Camper is currently unveiling an innovative new environmentally friendly organic restaurant in Barcelona. The concept highlights the growing scope for the inclusion of healthy eating options in foodservice. This particular venture should benefit from the synergies between the Camper brand and the organic and ethical lifestyle.

Foodball, Camper’s environmentally friendly restaurant concept, aims to offer customers healthy, balanced food that is convenient and reasonably priced. According to Camper, “Foodball is neither a bar nor a restaurant…and [is] a way of looking at eating culture”. If the Barcelona pilot is successful, Camper is planning to roll out this concept globally.

The locally sourced food will be organic, GM free and sold in biodegradable wrappers. The restaurant itself has been designed using local materials that are not damaging to the environment. Accessible prices will be important given that consumers are generally only willing to pay a maximum premium of 25% for organics.

Camper is not targeting any particular age range, which is perhaps in recognition of the demographic diversity of natural and ethical consumers. However, it is clear that the restaurant is seeking to focus on maximising sensual appeal. Marti Guixe has designed the interior “for the nourishment of all five senses”.

The concept certainly has the potential to offer a credibly healthy option to health seeking consumers. Eating out is becoming an increasingly important part of consumers’ nutritional intake. However, natural food and drink shoppers are often more constrained because of the limited availability of natural menu items at most restaurants.

The final factor that will increase the chances of the restaurant concept’s success is the synergies between the existing Camper brand values and the natural, organic and ethical lifestyle. A growing number of people see healthy and sustainable lifestyles as fashionable. This ties in well with the perception of Camper’s highly prestigious shoe brand among inner city Opinion Formers.

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