Danone has expanded its yoghurt offering in Spain with the launch of a frozen yoghurt concept.

Yolado frozen yoghurts are available in five varieties: natural, strawberry and lemon in 125ml cartons and berries and stracciatella in 500ml container. Both formats have an RRP of EUR2.49 (US$3.16).

The frozen yoghurt is being marketed as a healthy alternative to ice cream. Danone is highlighting that the frozen yoghurts are made from “fresh milk and fruit pieces” with an individual strawberry Yolado containing 98 calories.

The company said the product was the result of a “significant” investment in R&D as the group worked to ensure that, after freezing, the yoghurt has a creamy ice cream-like consistency. 

A spokesperson for Danone told just-food Yolado is purchased as a chilled yoghurt and then frozen at home.

“As far as we know, it is the first and only product with this characteristic at a worldwide level,” the spokesperson said.

Yolado hit the shelves earlier this week (14 May).