Spanish dairy company Leche Pascual will invest €12m to expand milk output at its Gurb, Barcelona, plant by 33% to 240,000 daily liters, the company announced in a statement.

The project will be finished in 12 months, a spokesman for Aranda De Duero, Burgos-based Pascual said.

Moreover, Pascual said it invested EUR€13m (US$15.4) to inaugurate a new PET-bottling facility at the Gurb site which will enable it to package aseptically packaged sterile milk.

PET bottling is more environmentally-friendly than traditional polyethilene packaging. The site is the first of its kind in the Catalonia region, Pascual added.

Since it opened last year, Pascual has earmarked €60m to expand Gurb, which now employs 100 workers.

The company has built a water depurator and a co-generation power plant, which will begin operating in the first half of 2006.

Pascual is Spain’s biggest dairy company producing milk, juices, yoghurts, mineral water, drinks, cereals and food for pets and livestock animals.

The company has 22 factories and employs 4,400 workers.