Spanish chocolate and natraceuticals firm Natra has expanded its range of Belgian truffles with a product it hopes will appeal to the Asian market.

The truffles, produced at its factory in St-Etienne in France, responds to the need to meet demand from Natra’s new expansion markets, it said, especially Asia, where French chocolate is “highly valued”.

The Joyaux de France truffles are available in boxes of 100g, 200g, 250g and 500g, and in bulk, in bags of 100g, 200g or 250g.

In April, Natra opened a sales office in Hong Kong as part of its strategic plan to increase its presence in the Asia-Pacific markets.

In 2012, Natra’s cocoa and chocolate activity in markets outside Europe accounted for 20% of total sales, reaching EUR63.98m. Among these markets, the Asia-Pacific countries brought together 18% of export sales.

Natra said it aims to triple sales in its consumer goods division in China over the next three years.