Natraceutical, a Spanish maker of functional food ingredients, has patented what it boasts is the world’s first organic pectin.

In a statement released late Thursday, Natraceutical said its Swiss unit Obipektin will produce the compound, which will be sold to food multinationals around the world.

The company said it will also sell its know-how and intellectual-property rights to companies interested in developing the product.

Natraceutical churns out 1,100 tonnes of pectin, a soluble fiber used as a thickening, gel-like agent to make various foods including jams/jellies, puddings and drinks.

Natraceutical offers the product in 128 different references. The business accounts for 10% of the Valencia, Spain-based company.

Natraceutical said it hopes to benefit from the fast-growing global organic food market, which is forecast to grow 20% to EUR30bn (US$35.9bn) this year. The company said it will make a notable effort to commercialise the new pectin in the UK and Switzerland, Europe’s fastest growing markets for organic foods.

Obipektin makes pectins, vegetable and fruit powder.