Parmalat Spain has launched Clesa Bifidus Activo, a rebranded version of its older “bio” brand of drinkable functional yoghurts.

The new trademark incorporates new functional ingredients and revamped packaging, Parmalat said in a statement.

Clesa Bifidus Activo is fortified with a new “bifidus” enzyme and has more fruit, the company said. Clesa Bifidus Desnatado (fat free) also includes Beneo, a soluble fibre that hastens calcium absorption in the body. The Desnatado version has the Spanish market’s “lowest fat content,” Parmalat said.

Parmalat also plans to renovate its “bio” spoonable-yoghurt line in coming months, a company spokesperson told just-food.

The revamped product also features a new youthful logo and more colorful packaging, the company said.

Clesa, which sells a range of milk and dairy products, will roll out Clesa Bifidus Activo across Spain this month.