Spanish dairy company Leche Pascual has launched Zumosol Activo, a functional drink made from mixing fruit juice and pasteurised liquid egg.

Zumosol Activo contains freshly squeezed orange and grape juice. Pascual also rolled out Zumosol Activo Plus, a variety that adds banana to the original product.

The new product boasts a more modern and dynamic packaging to woo young consumers, the company said. Pascual said Funciona is “an energetic and nutritional drink” made from various fruits and milk. It is fortified with fibres and antioxidant vitamins A,C and E.

The company has renamed its Biofrutas nutraceutical juice as Funciona and has introduced a new line of microwavable Spanish ommelette called Tortilla Francesa Pascual. The new tortilla, previously sold in the restaurant channel, is free of additives and made from fresh eggs, Pascual added.

The Funciona relabelling stems from Pascual’s desire to better communicate its functional nutritional values.

Pascual, whose founder and former chairman Tomas Pascual Sanz died recently, makes milk, juices, yoghurts, mineral water, drinks, cereals, as well as food for pets and livestock.