The Spanish Congress of Deputies has unanimously approved a draft law designed to create the Spanish Food Safety Agency (SFSA).

It is intended that the national agency, which will now come into force by September this year, will be responsible for ensuring health protection and the safety of food that reaches the market. Managed by a board of 12 members to be selected by the Spanish government, autonomous communities, city councils, consumers and economic agents, the SFSA will also be overseen by a scientific committee.

The SFSA has listed it predominant objectives as providing a comprehensive food sector information to consumers; co-ordinating the management of crisis situations as the scientific point of reference on food issues in Spain; promoting research studies in food safety; assessing public administrations and informing on the Spanish position in EU food safety related affairs.

The creation of the SFSA as a national institution for food safety is intended to allow Spain to work closely with the European Food Authority when it comes into being.