US protein snacks firm Stryve Foods has snapped up another local biltong business.

A month after acquiring North Carolina-based Biltong USA, Stryve Foods has bought the family-owned Braatime for an undisclosed sum.

Stryve Foods said the two acquisitions means it owns “all USDA-approved biltong facilities in the United States”. The company said the Braaitime deal was an “expression of the company’s intent to expand biltong products into new markets in 2018”.

Stryve Foods was set up under a year ago by four men: Dymatize founder Ted Casey, former NFL footballer Gabe Carimi, plus two others who established sports supplement firm ProSupps, Joe Oblas and T.J. Humphreys.

Oblas, Stryve Foods’ COO, said: “Consumers are becoming more aware of what they put in their bodies and are looking for natural products with fewer ingredients. We are dedicated to replacing the facings of jerky on shelves with the future of protein snacks – biltong.”

Braaitime founder and division president Warren Pala is to become Stryve Foods’ director of manufacturing. He said: “I am delighted that our dream of bringing biltong to every home in America is on its way to becoming a reality, and look forward to being a part of the team that will make this happen.”

LLC is an expression of the company’s intent to expand biltong products into new markets in 2018. This combination of expertise and resources is the starting point for generating awareness of biltong product lines while taking action to expand production for mass distribution. Braaitime LLC will continue to operate under its brand as a subsidiary of Stryve Foods LLC.